We know that sometimes information is simply overloading and there's too little time to digest all of that in school or in that few hours of tuition.

We want to help you with that! Connected to thousands of students across Singapore through AsknTeach, you can post your questions at the forum and hold your discussions there for free.

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Think of it as having your own tuition teacher - except now you have the luxury of time to ask as many questions as you want and you can enjoy the convenience of it all through an app. You can not only find the solutions to your problems but also, get to know the students from other schools and share notes!

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Regardless of which subject you are struggling with (Math, Biology, Chemistry, History, Chinese and the list goes on),
we have someone to help you!

Choose your education level and we will get you started!

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Getting started is as easy as downloading the AsknTeach App! You can post a question for free on our forum, help to solve the questions of your peers, subscribe to a mentor or be a mentor, all within this app.

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Hear From These Awesome People
In Our Community

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Age 15,

Swiss Cottage Secondary School

"It’s so much easier to find solutions to my problems now and my mentor is really helpful. Apart from answering my questions, he also gave me questions on the topics I’m weaker in so that I can practice, just like the traditional tuition - except with much more accessible help!"

Mentor 3@3x


Age 17,

Innova Yishun Junior College

"Different schools have different questions and different methods of solving them so it was interesting when my mentor shared with me her school notes because it gave me new perspectives and methods that I can understand better."

Want to be a mentor?

We want to empower you to have the responsibilities of a tuition teacher. Going beyond a part time job, learning goes both ways and we believe in teaching as a method to revise. If you have any subject that you are stronger in, this is your opportunity to help your fellow peers with their studies.